Her Brittannic Majesty requests...
Be warned! There is a veritable rogues gallery below, comprising passport photos of UKBloggers, or anyone else for that matter.
It has been said that if you look like your passport photo, you need a holiday: I think it is fair to say that all the people pictured here need a holiday!

Kudos and respect to all these people who willingly and foolishly sent me their pics.
If you are daft enough to be added, scan your passport/driving licence/ID card/NUS card pic and send it with the URL of your website (and the year the photo was taken) to me and I'll laugh hysterically before posting it here.
Tom E, 1998 Meg, 1994 Davo, 2000
Graybo, 2001 Marcia, 1998 Nick, 2000
Paul, 1997 James, 1997 Fraser, 2000
Elaine, 1998 Louise, 2001 Vicky, 1991
Nico, 1991 Emma, 2001 Adrian, 1994
Noodle Vague, 2001 Ben, 2002 Lizzie
Rodney, 1995