Some Classic Grayblog Header Graphics

Since I began grayblog in September 2000, I've used a number of designs and layouts with greater or lesser degrees of success. One of the mainstays of most of those designs has been a 780 x 120 pixel graphic at the top of the page.
This page shows some of those that have been used, plus a couple that never quite made it.

This was the classic grayblog header, and still appears on the grayblog merchandise. I have a t-shirt with this on.
a classic

This is one of my favourites, and was made using a public domain image of a high rise building in Manchester. I played with the colours a bit, and just cropped the little bit I wanted.

When I launched this one, I challenged readers to identify the location. It's a picture I took of the beautiful but dilapidated ceiling of the 1950s booking hall at Chichester railway station.
booking hall ceiling

Another challenge was set for this one, which features the handle of the curved stairs in the blue access tower at Chichester's Avenue de Chartres car park. I took this photo one evening when the light was shining low into the tower, and the shadows were stunning.

Yet another challenge. This time the subject is the concrete pattern on the front of the main building at Chichester College. Since this photo was taken, the facade of this striking 1960s structure has been cleaned and restored.

Regular reader Lord Percy pointed out that grayblog was an anagram of "bra loggy" - too good an opportunity to resist. The breasts are courtesy of Eva Herzigova, from the famous "Hello Boys!" WonderBra advert.
Eva's breasts

Seasonal header - self explanatory I think. The candle picture was taken by me.

This one was made with another public domain image. I don't think I ever actually used this graphic, as I was never really happy with it.

Another one that has never been used, made from a photo of snow on the grass in Priory Park, Chichester. Note the concentric tracks of the mower in the turf. I may use this in the future, perhaps next winter.

On the same day, I took a slightly blurry photo of a snow-dusted bench in the park, which was the raw material for this header. I like this one a lot.

This was made using a photo I took of the roofline of the main shopping mall in downtown Sacramento.