The Six Honest Serving Men
(or everything you ever wanted to know about Graybo and grayblog...)

I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I know);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How And Where And Who
- Rudyard Kipling, The Serving Men

Grayblog is one of them there weblog thingies. An example of online personal publishing, if you prefer. How you go about defining that term, I'll leave entirely up to you.
In the case of grayblog, it means a collection of my thoughts, observations, ramblings and discourses on subjects ranging from the weather, websites and wellies to politics, pop and people, as well as everything in between. I don't really set myself any rules about the subjects that I cover, and it isn't always a linkfest either, often veering into the realms of online journal, confessional and diary. It is really a bit of a stream of consciousness, sometimes full of depth and thought but frequently interrupted by inanity and puerility.
Grayblog is also more than that, featuring occasional projects like the infamous passport photo page and radio grayblog.

A very good question - some days, even I wonder that.
The original inspiration came from seeing a weblog created by Robyn - it struck me that I could create one myself, and that it might be fun to do as well as a practical way to improve my skills with website creation and design.
Along the way, I've made many new friends from all sorts of backgrounds, both online and in the "real world" (whatever that may be).
It's also my own little space to get things off my chest, or to just let fly with a little textual diarrhoea. I enjoy creating and maintaining the pages here, and I guess that all the while that is the case, then grayblog will continue to exist in one form or another. When I stop enjoying it, then I'll stop doing it.
It would also be foolish to deny that I get a kick from so many people reading grayblog on a daily or frequent basis. Since I started, there has been a steady increase in the number of people that visit these pages each day, and a little network of people who either leave comments for others to read, or send me e-mail has formed. Some of them have become friends, and that is undoubtedly a Good Thing.

Grayblog began life at 10:21am on Saturday 16th September 2000.
Grayblog is usually updated several times each week. It used to be much more frequent, but I just don't seem to have the time any more. Occasionally it is not updated for several days - don't panic, I'll write more when I have time. Depends on my mood, on the amount of time available to me, on my proximity to a PC and simply on whether or not I have much to say.

Grayblog is hosted by
The main blog pages, comments and archives are created with the aid of WordPress.
Statistics come from SiteMeter.
The other pages are made using Macromedia Homesite 5, MS Notepad, a Panasonic FZ-10 digital camera, a Hewlett-Packard scanner, JASC PaintShopPro 7, blood, sweat and the occasional tantrum.

I live in Ruralville, a small and beautiful village in East Sussex. For those from far away and/or for whom geography is a bit of a challenge, East Sussex is between London and the south coast. If you think you've worked out where Ruralville is, you're wrong. I intend not to reveal its location on this site.

I'm Graybo. Born in the afternoon of May 12th 1971 at the Zachary Merton Maternity Hospital in Rustington, West Sussex, I am the son of Malcolm and June, and brother to Tim.
I'm married to Hels. She is beautiful, amazing, fun, intelligent, savvy, canny and much much more. I am deeply, deeply in love with her. We are expecting our first child in January 2006.
I run my own business, working from home, in the field of intellectual property rights management for horticulture. It's great fun if not terribly profitable, and gives me the opportunity to travel a little and see great plants and people.

I am not grayblog, but grayblog reflects a part of me. By reading this site every day and from end to end, you'll have a window into my life and will get to know a part of me. But, although I always strive to be honest, open and truthful, there is much more to me than that which you see here. You may find out a few things that you didn't know about me, or you may just get a hint of who I am - that will depend on how well you know me away from grayblog.

But it is good to have you here. Thanks for dropping by.