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    Thursday 31 January 2008

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    Wednesday 30 January 2008

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    Thursday 24 January 2008

    Bad science

    Here are a couple of stories for people who like pro-biotic yogurts:

    Activia maker to be sued for false advertising Рno clinical proof that pro-biotics do you any good, according to the suit.

    Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, Yakult should be investigated by the government health authorities because it could kill you.

    Graybo says: Eat more mushy peas.

    Wednesday 23 January 2008

    730 days

    I know a small boy who is two years old today. He’s currently sitting and watching the Miffy DVDs that Mummy and Daddy bought him for today.

    Unfortunately, someone gave him a cold as a present. Looks like Mummy and Daddy might have to buy a packet of tissues for him too.

    Monday 21 January 2008

    Not that boring

    Apparently, this blog has turned boring in 2008 (so says my wife). It seems that posts about my new laptop and bag are not exciting enough (my new phone will be delivered tomorrow, so there’ll be another subject to discuss! And my laptop case (along with the plants) have been delayed and will not arrive until Friday, which means I won’t get my hands on them until Monday).

    So, in a probably futile attempt to change the subject and make reading more interesting, here’s a recipe (serves two):



    1. Heat a wok over a high heat and add about two or three teaspoons of olive oil.
    2. Throw in the pepper and squid. Toss about until the squid is just beginning to “catch” on the pan.
    3. Add the chilli and lime juice. Toss for another minute or so.
    4. Add the tomatoes and noodles. Keep tossing in the pan or else the noodles will burn. Reduce the heat a little if necessary.
    5. For the last thirty seconds or so, place the pak choi on top of the pan just so that it wilts a little (not too much – you really just want it warmed through without becoming soggy).
    6. Season and serve.

    Low fat, healthy, tasty. And not too expensive either (we got our squid for three, er, quid).