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  • …grayblog…- separating the wanted from the unwanted » 2007 » April

    Friday 27 April 2007

    links for 2007-04-27

    Wednesday 25 April 2007

    Monkey Radio – not dead!

    Hurrah! Go here.

    Monday 23 April 2007

    April 23

    Happy birthday to Mrs Graybo, who is [knows better than that!] years old today. Cake has been consumed (by me, at least).

    Tom was most excited by the presence of paper, cards and gifts this morning, but less impressed that there was nothing in the way of gifts for him. It looks like he’ll be more aware of presents by the time Christmas and his birthday come around than he was for the last time.

    links for 2007-04-23

    Friday 20 April 2007

    Albert Kahn

    Did you see this? Whether you did or not, try to catch the rest of the series if you can.