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  • …grayblog…- separating the wanted from the unwanted » 2006 » October

    Tuesday 31 October 2006

    Full leather jacket

    I’m currently selling a splendid Diesel ladies’ leather jacket over at eBay because it doesn’t match my heels it doesn’t fit Hels any more. The sale finishes next Thursday evening. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you the link.

    Friday 27 October 2006

    Chris Adams to leave Sussex

    Not entirely surprising news, but certainly a loss to Sussex as he was instrumental in giving the team a focus and guiding the younger players. Any bets on the next captain?

    Hoooraaay! Moon Meat Mines On The Moon!

    Utterly utterly brilliant! Blode 7: Blode and the Moon Meat Mine. I think Joel may have been snorting dandruff.

    If anyone wants to buy me a Blode plushie for an early Christmas present, you’d be my friend until at least next week.


    The Sol 1K Problem. via Sore Eyes.


    Discovery of the week: saying "sausages" in the style of the dog that was on That’s Life!, oh, twenty five years ago, has the ability to reduce my son to giggle fits.