Thursday 30 June 2005

Mecca Cola

Mecca Cola - A Taste Of Freedom
A Taste Of Freedom.
Purchased in Vlijmen, Netherlands, 21/6/05. Almost certainly nothing like Mecca Bingo or MechaGodzilla.

Wednesday 29 June 2005

Funky Truck

Funky Truck game.

Sunday 26 June 2005

Rude logo?

Florensis logo
When you look at this logo (which belongs to one of my clients), what do you see?

Two hundred kay

I see visitor number 200,000 passed by here sometime in the last few days. That’s nice.

…and just a little bit scary.

Truth be told, this site is pretty crap at the moment

…being as it is mainly made up of pathetic excuses for the lack of any fresh content. I could tell you that I’ve been up to my eyes in work. I could tell you that I spent last week in the Netherlands and Belgium (Maastricht – great place – who knew?). I could tell you loads of things. But would you believe me? And, even if you did, would you find it an acceptable excuse for the shoddy state of grayblog?