Thursday 31 March 2005


Ages ago (I mean, like, years dude), I linked to this NSFW music video and thought it was really, um, kicking. It still is, but hasn’t it dated badly? I mean, who moves files around on 3.5in disks any more?
(Incidentally, in case you were wondering why I was thinking about this today, it’s because H and I had a conversation about the word "copacetic" the other day, and this choon features that word).

Live long and prosper?

Pill could extend life by thirty years. If this did come to pass, it would obviously only be affordable by the wealthy, so would increase social division. Not only that, but it would only work if people were in gainful employment for those extra years – no use expecting your pension fund to keep you going for all that extra time.

Wednesday 30 March 2005


Thief makes magician’s rabbit vanish. Genius.

Heads up

Two new header graphics – hit refresh endlessly until you see Hels’s shades close-up and "…grayblog…" daubed on the roof of St Paul’s, Fathers4Justice-stylee.

Gathering storm

St Paul’s Cathedral, with a heavy dark shower cloud looming behind.
St Paul's Cathedral, 25 March 2005
I took this picture, then we quickly dashed for cover before the heavens opened.