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  • …grayblog…- separating the wanted from the unwanted » 2004 » October

    Sunday 31 October 2004

    We’re home…

    …and absolutely adored every minute in Sicily. Even if a few places were a bit fishy.
    a tray of fish in the market in Albergheria, Palermo
    There will be more photos from Sicily and from the wedding. It may take me a few days to sort out, as I have a load of work to catch up on, lots to sort out with the house move, the BBC News archive to catch up on, and I’m off to Amsterdam for a flying visit at the end of the week.

    Sunday 17 October 2004

    The best day ever

    the bride and groom
    This the only photo in which I’m not grinning like an idiot.
    More when we get home from the honeymoon.

    And thank you for all your lovely messages.

    Friday 15 October 2004


    I am, officially, excited.

    I’ll try and post a picture or two on Monday. Have a good weekend.

    Thursday 14 October 2004

    Two days to go

    Hair trimmed.
    Suits collected.
    Cake to collect.
    Wine to deliver to reception venue.

    Nerves? What nerves? (runs off and hides)

    Wednesday 13 October 2004

    Three days to go

    Can I confess to being a bit nervous?

    Today is my last day officially working. Tomorrow will be spent running around with cases of wine and wedding cake, and Friday is supposed to be a day for relaxation before the mayhem of Saturday. So, I’m working to tie up a few loose ends and put PFE to bed until I get back from the honeymoon.

    I’m finding concentration very difficult indeed.