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  • …grayblog…- separating the wanted from the unwanted » 2004 » September

    Thursday 30 September 2004

    Ferreting about

    Terminator outlaws ferrets – scroll right to the bottom for the classic quote: "I costarred with a ferret in Kindergarten Cop". via 2lmc spool.


    Currently occupying 110% of my concentration:

    Bugger this, I’m off for a pint.

    Breasts in the elevated position

    In a totally unexpected development, Hels’s buyer withdrew yesterday. We spent the day being extraordinarily stressed and trying to salvage the purchase of our new home. I think we can achieve the latter, although it will be expensive. Our solicitor continues to be splendid, although she too was pulling her hair out over the whole thing.
    We’ve had easier days. And with only just over two weeks to the wedding, the timing could have been better.

    Wednesday 29 September 2004


    Theoretically, we might get to hear today from the people who effectively hold the success or failure of our Moving Home Project™ in their hands. I do know for a fact that our excellent solicitor is on the case and will be chasing them this morning – she’s very nearly as stressed-out by this thing as we are!
    At least my sale seems to be ticking along, which is one very important part of the equation. Hopefully I’ll be moving out next week, seeing that lovely chunk of money falling into my bank account (ready to fall out again as soon as we move in to the new house!).

    Tuesday 28 September 2004


    Russ Meyer, RIP. Apologies for not posting this last week.