Thursday 29 July 2004

Hong Kong Phooey

Rosemary’s legs! Who knew?
Boomerang – what great hotel TV! A double bill of Whacky Races followed by a double bill of Hong Kong Phooey – it could be time to relent and get a TV.

So tired

Whose idea was it to get up at 4am to fly to Ireland?
Either way, a worthwhile trip and I’m glad I’ve got a decent hotel to get some sleep in.
More tomorrow.

Wednesday 28 July 2004


I’m struggling to get it together this morning. So far I’ve forgotten my mobile phone and had to drive back two miles to get it. I’ve now remembered that I’ve forgotten something else, but I can live without it. I’ve just been to a meeting – an hour early. Thankfully it was only two minutes down the road, but it caused a bit of a laugh at my expense.
I really need to get my head together.

Tuesday 27 July 2004

Beer with…

Aris, Julie, their daughter Alex, Hamish, Ruth, Kearn and Greg, with sightings of long lost friend Guy, as well as Fi and Nicola.

Does it come in pink?

Caption competition submission at Uborka.