Friday 30 April 2004

The Caretaker

For those few people that have been subjected to my copy of Stairway to the Stars, you’ll (mostly) be dismayed to learn that I’ve added The Caretaker’s third album (I must track down his second) to my Amazon wishlist.
I think I once described The Caretaker’s music as being an experience similar to standing about a hundred yards down the road from a 1930s dance hall. In the rain. Not that I’ve ever done that, mind you.
Totally unique.

Big arse

If you use the Brittany Ferries online booking form, it is possible to book a foot passenger with trailer and rear mounted bicycle rack.

Travel comparison for you. I need to get from Gien in France to my office in dear old Blighty.

I like easy choices.

Wot no ceasefire?

Chad army deploys on Sudan border.
We should be taking this seriously, of course, but what a fantastic headline!

(If the country was called Kilroy, this post would make much more sense to American readers).


Horrors! I’ve just realised that, since I redesigned this site, there hasn’t been a link to my Amazon wishlist – and my birthday is but 13 days away!

Subtle, eh?

Bricks and mortar

For those following our house-buying story, the one we looked at yesterday was nice, but not quite right. It needs quite a bit of work done to it, and would stretch our budget and time availability beyond breaking-point, I believe. Shame, as it has a nice pub across the street.
The other half of the pair is also up for sale, and may actually offer a better option for us. I’ll be contacting the agent today for more information.

UPDATE: Whoa!!! The other half is on the market for £65,000 more than the one we looked at! Whilst the one we looked at needs redecorating and a new kitchen, it does benefit from an extension. Suddenly, I’m wondering if we can stretch that far – it would make a fabulous investment.
If only we had more money…..