Wednesday 31 March 2004

Still busy

I’ve got the new toy working, but I’m not ready to show you any results yet. May take a day or two, as I’m a bit time-poor at the moment.
This morning – two doors painted with their first coat; sofa installed (after a struggle to get it in); rubbish taken to the tip. And there is still plenty of time to get more done yet.

Tuesday 30 March 2004


Today’s achievements:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play.

Handy guide

How to build a computer for almost nothing at all. Complete with rabbit.


Thanks to the model of efficiency that is Dave, I now have the necessary drawings for the planning application for the new windows in my flat. I’ve just filled out the forms (in quadruplicate) and, aside from a couple of quick photocopies (well, three actually) of the site plan and elevations and the small matter of a cheque for £220, I’m ready to go.
With the delay of a week on the estate agents, the bookies are offering good odds on the planning consent coming in before the flat sale, particularly as the said fenestrologist (new word!) is determined to give it a push if he can. The spectators watch in awed amazement.


A double dose of obituaries:
Peter Ustinov
Alistair Cooke

Oh, and tut-tut BBC! This Alistair Cooke tribute page is marked "Last Updated: Thursday, 13 November, 2003, 12:38 GMT" – I’ll bet that gets fixed sharpish.