Thursday 16 October 2003


Just back for a brief moment…

Huge congratulations to Nick and Anne T on the birth yesterday of Sophie Charlotte.

Nick. A dad. Who’d have thought it?

Normal hiatus will now resume…

Monday 13 October 2003


This site is on semi-hiatus.
No particular reason. It’s just that I’ve got other things on my mind. And I want to enjoy life for a while. I may post here intermittently. And without warning. I may not post at all. Who knows?


I’m tired. But must clean. And perhaps try to reconnect with reality. But then again…

Sunday 12 October 2003


Today I ordered a new mattress. It will cost £250, including £20 delivery. In addition, I will have to pay the local authority £15 to remove my old one. This sleeping malarkey is expensive!
What’s more, the new mattress will not be delivered for nearly a month. Guh.


What do you think? (via BNI)