Wednesday 30 April 2003

Worryingly, after tonight’s game, Reading

Worryingly, after tonight’s game, Reading have no incentive other than pride to win on Sunday. Let’s just hope that Steve Coppell has some favours to call in from his old friend Alan Pardew.

Beer tonight (long time since

Beer tonight (long time since I’ve typed that) with Paul F, Nikki, Phil, Mark, Alex, Ruth, Hamish and Hamish’s cousin Simon. Also the first time I’ve been to La Havana, who were staging an open mic night. You didn’t miss much.

Note to self – life

Note to self – life is good. Stop worrying about nothing, or you’ll spoil everything, dumbarse.
Actually, life is good. Sometimes I forget that.

In other news, daft search request of the day: Caroline bottle Steve phone wine boyfriend sofa. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use these words as the basis of an entertaining short story. Send your efforts to the usual address and the best will be posted here and be rewarded with the usual prize (i.e. nothing).

Today’s physics lesson from the

Today’s physics lesson from the BBC: charm quark + anti-strange quark = Ds (2317)

Wednesday in bullet points:Paranoia considerably

Wednesday in bullet points:

Back to work.