Tuesday 31 December 2002

For those that enjoyed 3D’s

For those that enjoyed 3D’s hyperjet racing when I linked to it, you can find another version here featuring a mightily difficult third course.

I see that the BBC

I see that the BBC e-cyclopedia Words of the Year 2002 includes blogger (shouldn’t that have been word of the year for 2001, or even 2000?) and one of my favourites from 2002, bling-tastic (a word that I first brought to your attention waaaaaay back in October) – a word that I now realise perfectly describes my fab jacket.

UPDATE: haaaang on a minute! Who wrote this? Not only does this list include bling-tastic, which I feel I can take credit for bringing to the world’s attention, but also chalkchalking, a term coined by me in this entry on 22 July. I demand a credit!
FURTHER UPDATE: I’ve been credited.

My e-tickets have finally arrived,

My e-tickets have finally arrived, after I sent a short-tempered e-mail. But not a word of apology. Harrumph.

Nearly forgot: happy birthday to

Nearly forgot: happy birthday to David W, all the way across the Atlantic.

Navel gazing, part 2: review

Navel gazing, part 2: review of the year.

2002 has been a much less traumatic year than 2001 – and that, as far as I am concerned, is a good thing. Maybe because I’ve taken a more low-key approach when tackling the year, the year hasn’t turned around and bitten me on the bum. There may be a lesson to be learnt there, but we all know how good I am at learning lessons.

It’s actually been a year without significant low points, which is good. Oh yes, there have been a few disappointments along the way, but whilst they might have seemed bad at the time, they all pretty much worked out for the best in the long run.

Highlight of the year must be meeting Joanna. She’s great, and has boosted me in many ways. It feels great to be thinking about someone so much, and to be safe in the knowledge that they are thinking about me too. We’re already making some tentative plans for the next few weeks and months, and I’m hoping that that will lead to more. But one day at a time, eh? As I should know from my past, who knows what the future really holds?

I’ve made some excellent new friends during the course of the year – Charlie rates high on the list, but there have been others too. A few other friendships have been strengthened, most notably Lord Percy and Lady Bren, and some friendships maintained. One or two friendships have drifted, which is sad in a way, but also a reflection of how times and people change as life moves on.

In other parts of life, I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, finally getting a good quality qualification. Whilst qualifications are not the be-all and end-all of life, I am intensely proud of my achievements. The DipM is opening doors and opportunities for me already, and my professional life is moving in a direction that I would never have dreamed of just a couple of years ago. The future is unknown, but I get a feeling that it will be fun, if not a little daunting at times.

And finally, grayblog marches on, now with added radio. As I say in my new about page, all the while I enjoy doing this, I’ll keep doing it, and at the moment I feel no urge to stop. So thanks for reading and commenting, and happy new year to you!