Monday 30 September 2002

Tom climbs into a strange

Tom climbs into a strange man’s van wearing only a towel, only in far from pleasant circumstances.
Whenever I hear of someone who has been burgled, it always strikes me as terribly unjust. Why can’t people just leave other people and their stuff alone?? And I guess this could be a reminder that it could happen to you (or me).

I know everyone is doing

I know everyone is doing it at the moment, but I’m considering a fairly fundamental redesign here. This site is suffering severe linkrot, the navigation could be improved, the layout is cluttered, the code is a mess (it looks like it has been constantly tweaked and added to, which is exactly the case) and I’m considering switching CMS. Which means taking one of my precious days off and spending it in front of a PC doing nothing but geeky stuff all day long.
Areas that need consideration:

No plans to change the overall content or writing style though. I’ve never really consciously developed a style, it’s just developed in a steady and organic way over the last two and a bit years. Most of the time I like it, occasionally it bores even me.
Ultimately, this is my site to do with as I wish. But you are welcome to throw in any (constructive) thoughts and suggestions. Which I am free to ignore if I so wish.
Why is it that I get a feeling that this may take more than a single day to implement?

Hmm. Interesting start to the

Hmm. Interesting start to the week.
Anyway, in other news, it’s another gorgeous sunny day. Which is nice at one level, but we do desperately need rain.

Sunday 29 September 2002

Absolutely fantastic food today at

Absolutely fantastic food today at Percy Towers in the company of Lady Bren, Lord Percy and Lady Turd, followed by beer at W2 with Paul F, Paul Sm, Ted, Bren, Greg, Aris, Nikki, the Nags posse, Guy and assorted others. And the band played on…

Today’s walk – down the

Today’s walk – down the canal to the Yacht Basin, a detour to Birdham Pool, and then back via Fishbourne. 14km or nearly 8.75 miles, completed in 2hrs 50min.
Seen today were dozens of walkers, cyclists and fishermen, as well as a curlew.