Friday 30 November 2001

I’m tired. Considering that I

I’m tired. Considering that I haven’t really done much today, this is a bad thing. I feel like I’ve spent an hour or two in a tumble dryer. A cold and particularly uncomfortable one.
However, in tune with my current must-be-forward-looking-and-cheerful policy, I’m looking forward to heading down the pub tonight – I need to chill with friends. I might even switch off my mobile for an hour or two. Not that it would make much difference in the Nags anyway, as the reception is non-existent in there. And I’d just *have* to switch it on again as I am walking home, being a communication addict. So I’ll probably just leave it switched on, and save myself the effort.

George Harrison, 1943-2001. Hopefully, rather

George Harrison, 1943-2001.
Hopefully, rather than buying flowers and creating one of those instant shrines, Princess Diana style, people might donate to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund or some other good cause.

Last night, I enjoyed a

Last night, I enjoyed a restful and useful evening. Deleted a few unwanted emails, did nearly two hours revision, cooked and ate a lovely meal, chatted aimlessly online with Marcia, Nick and Sarah, poked about a few websites, read a book, listened to some good music, drank a beer and then clambered into bed. Tonight should be even better, with plans to eat and revise, then head off to the bar to catch up with everyone. I’ve been a bit of a recluse this week due to the pressing need to revise and a severe shortage of funds. I’ll also be heading off in a few minutes to see Jo, get my hair cut (barely necessary, it’s hardly grown since the last time) and get up to speed on the gossip.

Thursday 29 November 2001

Someone got here by searching

Someone got here by searching Google for a Miss Bitch t-shirt. One she has worn, or one bearing her image?

No, no, no! This isn’t

No, no, no! This isn’t going nearly far enough. After all, even the real world, far removed from ‘weblogging’, is full of utter shite, tedium and drivel, not to mention a large number of small minded, thick, ugly and generally undesirable people. And if you can’t stand being near the poorer quality web content by virtue of sharing the same medium, how can you stand being on the same planet as those people, standing on the same rock hurtling through space? Why not just end it all, and go on to better things in a utopian afterworld of Linux, Mozilla and iBooks?