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  • …grayblog…- separating the wanted from the unwanted » 2001 » February

    Wednesday 28 February 2001

    long long day. my body

    long long day. my body is tired and my head is full.


    Yes! Grayblog merchandise is now available!
    Rush over to the new Grayblog shop and purchase t-shirts, mugs and mousemats!
    Adorn your desk, mug tree and chest with a picture of my lovely visage!
    Declare your allegiance to Grayblog!
    Show your undying love for Graybo!
    Hurry! Go now!
    (Prices are in US dollars, but they work out pretty well – as a guide, US$15 is roughly equal to GB£10. However, the shipping charge from California to the UK is a bit steep, so I suggest you pool your order with friends to keep it down.)

    TPL update: 44 points, taking

    TPL update: 44 points, taking me to 708. Very respectable considering that a third of my team didn’t play.

    Tuesday 27 February 2001

    I know what I meant

    I know what I meant to say earlier and didn’t. I was driving to work this morning (which, in itself, is unusual as I usually use a combination of foot and train) when I was following an unremarkable blue Escort estate. In the back of this car, not in a cage or anything, was a very very handsome owl, staring out the back window at me. He was definitely real and very much alive – he turned his head to look at things and blinked once or twice. And seemed very calm and quite used to sitting in a car.
    Beats those irritating nodding Homer Simpson toys any day.

    watch this site for a

    watch this site for a very big announcement tomorrow. still working on the details, but should have it sorted by lunch time.