Friday 29 December 2000

further update: – have bags

further update:
– have bags packed (almost) ready for Derbyshire. road conditions improved slightly on yesterday, although very icy, so potential for thrills and spills on journey. anticipating arguments ahead based on: food; drink; navigation; activities; music; noise. hmm. all good fun.
– have chosen five CDs for trip (limit imposed by Andrea):
1. Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay: Desert Island Mix Journeys by DJ
2. Hed Kandi compilation: Winter Chill
3. Bowery Electric: Lushlife
4. Man or Astroman?: Made from Technetium
5. Morcheeba: Big Calm
…let’s see how many arguments they cause (esp. number 3).

Thursday 28 December 2000

very brief update: 1. gifts

very brief update:
1. gifts received for Christmas:
– money
– lovely bath robe (from AW)
– MVC vouchers
– books
– CDs
– clothing
– the inevitable chocolate
– wine
– the love of a good woman
– and much much more. Christmas was great.
2. weather report:
– SNOW! blimey. and it looks like our trip to Derbyshire on Saturday will be thrill-packed too.
3. shopping report:
– checked out the Oracle shopping centre in Reading yesterday and purchased warm clothing for the impending Derbyshire trip. not bad, although a bit of a trek from here.
– shopped in Chichester today and purchased more warm clothing in view of white stuff on the ground.
4. other news:
– nothing that major. David was over from America with his new girly Andi (short for Susan – don’t ask). good to see him again.
– getting ready for Derbyshire trip. stockpiling beer and wine in readiness for many nights in.
5. blog status:
– updates likely to be infrequent if not non-existent until 7th January. but watch this space – will try my best.
6. new year status:
– have a good un.

Monday 25 December 2000

there are some nights when

there are some nights when I love living in Chichester more than anything else on earth. tonight was one of them. I had a brilliant night out with my friends, who are some of the greatest people ever. I only missed one thing – and she was in Burgess Hill with her parents. you know who I mean – being in love is the greatest thing ever.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday 24 December 2000

well, the shopping is finally

well, the shopping is finally done. most of the presents are wrapped, and those that need to be delivered have been. all that remains now is to finish the last bits of wrapping, do last night’s washing up, tidy the flat, eat a pizza, go to the pub and get a few beers in, and then sleeeeep.
tomorrow will be a presentfest – I went round to the parents earlier, and there was a healthy pile under their tree. and when we run out of presents, then it’ll be food until we burst, with umpteen varieties of meat, mountains of veggies, gallons of gravy and a goodly selection of tapas for the evening. plus wine by the case as well.
no more blogging for a few days – enjoy your holiday, whether with family, friends or on your own.

blogfudge waves a teary goodbye.

blogfudge waves a teary goodbye.
for the curious, I know about Robyn’s new project, and will be linking shortly. from what I’ve seen so far, it’ll be good – darned good.